Top 10 anti-cancer foods

It has been proven that food plays an important role in the health of the body. And to prevent cancers, the content of our plate is essential. Here are ten foods to be favored.

How can we try to preserve ourselves as much as possible from cancers? By privileging regular physical activity and healthy and varied food, we give more chances to our body to protect itself. Here is our advice.

1. Berries for dessert

If you have to avoid overly sweet products, you should know that berries are excellent for killing cancer cells. It’s easy to imagine that they also protect our bodies from certain diseases. So put berries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries on your menu!

2. Green tea

It’s tea time. Go for green tea! It is recommended to prevent and even help treat cancers. Choose a tea that is free of pesticides and heavy metals and certified organic.

3. Vegetables

To avoid cancer, there is nothing like a diet rich in vegetables. Vary the pleasures, there are so many that are never consumed! Cabbage, seaweed, mushrooms, soybeans, and carrots are essential for a healthy diet.

4. Dark chocolate

Consumed in moderation, dark chocolate is recognized as anti-cancer thanks to its anti-oxidant virtues. A single square of dark chocolate contains twice as many polyphenols as a glass of red wine and almost as much as a cup of long-brewed green tea. Studies have shown that dark chocolate delays the development of certain cancers such as lung cancer.

5. Fish

Seafood products are part of anti-cancer foods. However, beware of salmon and tuna, which are often polluted. Prefer shrimps, sea urchins, cod, oysters, and pollock. All organic or wild if possible.

6. Spices

Do you know turmeric? Its action is similar to that of ginger. This golden yellow spice helps prevent cancer but also slows down or even reduces the proliferation of cancerous cells. Don’t forget to consume one gram a day.

7. White meat

It is known that red meat is less healthy than white meat such as poultry. Red meat promotes cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, and the development of certain cancers. What if you swapped the entrecote for a turkey or chicken breast?

8. Garlic is a treasure

We sometimes forget to use it in our dishes, but it’s a good thing. Invite it to your table! Garlic is an excellent anti-cancer agent because it reduces genetic mutations.

9. Therapeutic fasting

We hear more and more about it: fasting. Fasting clinics are opening their doors all over the world and offer a real cure for the body. Deprived of food for a few days, the body will draw on its resources and get rid of its toxins. A little boost is essential from time to time! Ask your doctor for advice.

10. Some foods to avoid

A list of foods to choose from, yes, but also a list of things to avoid. You should know that dairy products, sugar in all its forms (even in fruit), fried foods, or foods cooked at very high temperatures should be avoided.